Saturday, October 27, 2018

Validated Deliverables Versus Accepted Deliverables

Validated Deliverable

As per the PMBOK Guide, the results of the execution quality control process are validated deliverable. Validated deliverable tell you that the deliverable has been checked for completeness and correctness; i.e. deliverable are validated.
Validated deliverable are an output of the perform quality control process and they are input to the verify scope process.

Accepted Deliverable

Clearly, these are the deliverable which are accepted by the client or the customer. As per the PMBOK guide, accepted deliverable are the deliverable that meet the acceptance criteria and are approved by the customer or client.
Accepted deliverable are the output of the “verify scope” process.
Deliverable are accepted when they have passed the validation process; i.e. once the deliverable are thoroughly checked for completeness and correctness, then it will go to the customer for his or her acceptance.

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