Monday, April 15, 2013

Resource Management Strategy

Resource Management Strategy

  • Create a single resource pool across all projects.  This will provide better visibility and accuracy of resource utilization and availability.

  • Develop a skills library associated to resources to ensure that you have the necessary capabilities when developing a team to deliver on your project.

  • Maintain a centralized schedule of your resources so that you can accurately determine workloads and identify possible conflicts.

  • Build a strategy to address possible resource shortages in your projects by defining accurate work efforts for the tasks at hand.

  • Incorporate capacity tracking reports into your strategy that will provide additional visibility into departmental and staffing statuses to work on projects.

  • Prioritize resources and categorize them in different buckets so that you can efficiently get the most out of your team.

  • Include contingency plans in your resource management strategy that allows for a ‘Plan B’ when unexpected changes occur.

  • Implement a forecasting strategy that will facilitate better pipeline and staffing for imminent and future projects.

  • Develop an employee incentive program that will limit turnover and help build continuity in your resource pool for better planning.

  • Use technology to automate these processes and strategies and to provide a more streamlined approach to resource management and planning.

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