Monday, April 8, 2013

Business Analyst in Agile Project

In Agile projects the main task that a Business Analyst performs is to maintain a prioritized queue of work; only define requirement for new work when the Queue steps forward. It is that point in a project when the development team selects an item from the Queue and BA starts elicitation of requirements for the next piece of work.
Just like it happens with most of the tasks in Agile, Business Analysis activities are also performed in an iterative manner. Once the new requirement has been added, Business Analyst should prioritize the requirements based on the Business Value, it will ensure that all the requirements are sequenced in correct order. Having the correct business perspective will help the Business Analyst to continuously scope the project. It is essential to keep a tab on the scope of the project else there is a possibility of project going on, forever.

There may be a case that a Business Analyst might take less time to elicit the requirement than the Development Team takes to develop the task; or a Business Analyst might take longer than the Development team. As it happens with the majority of the planning in Agile, by the third sprint, processes mature based on the experience in first 2 sprints. Hence keep improving your plan based on your experience in the last sprint. 
  • Elicit New Feature
  • Prioritize Requirements based on Business Value
  • Managing the Queue of Requirements
  • Continually Scoping the  Project

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