Saturday, March 9, 2013

Management - Strong Manager

What are the attributes of a strong manager?

A good manager is good at managing people, they ...
  • coach their staff and counsel those who need it
  • have staff who are commitment to them
  • seek response and feedback to all communications with staff
  • know how to resolve conflicts as they arise and handle negative behaviour effectively
  • delegate wherever possible
  • actively like to develop, empower and motivate staff and manage under performers
  • take the lead
  • raise staff morale and are concerned for staff wellbeing
  • are conscious of the psychological contract
  • enjoy managing the boss
  • set clear and unambiguous objectives and discuss them with staff before setting them
  • performance manage staff and provide feedback on performance
  • engage in selection interviewing
  • manage teams
  • value everyone’s contribution
A good manager is good at managing activities, they ...
  • manage change effectively
  • seek continuous improvement
  • control and co-ordinate staff effectively
  • engage in and enjoy crisis management
  • influence the culture of teams
  • focus on customers/clients and know how to improve business performance
  • conduct meetings efficiently
  • are good at planning and organising themselves
  • are good at both strategic and project management
  • are good at risk management and can manage stress in staff
A good manager is good at managing and developing themselves, they ...
  • achieve good results
  • are assertive and communicate well
  • are clear thinkers and effective speakers who are good at influencing others
  • are decisive, good at negotiation and problem solving
  • write good reports
  • excel at time management
  • spend time in self‐development

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