Saturday, February 23, 2013

Management - Being Good Manager or Leader

Ideas to be Good Manager and Leader

1. Enterprising in nature:
Highly successful leaders are always enterprising in nature. They are proactive in trying out newer things to enhance the business.

2. Collaborators:
You need to be a good collaborator if you wish to be a good manager and a leader. Collaboration helps in problem solving and it also imbibes sense of belonging and sharing of responsibility amongst the team members.

3. Self Motivation – An example:
A good leader needs to be self motivated and show an example. He can meet challenges head on and put forward plans to achieve results, high-handedly. If you can motivate yourself even during tough times, you are sure to become a good leader one day.

4. Delegation of work:
A manager needs to learn how to delegate work in order to be a good leader. Also, he needs to make sure that work delegated is being done effectively and efficiently and if not, he should be ready to step in and sort out issues.

5. Learning from Failures – There is always another chance:
A manager needs to learn that failures are not the right tools to gauge success. Failures happen all the time. The most important part is to learn from mistakes, adapt to changing times and keep moving on for achieving desired results.

6. Learning and listening:
A good leader should be a good listener and open to learn even if it comes from his team members.

7. Providing feedback:
Employees like to get feedback for their work in order to learn for the next time. They feel more balanced after getting feedback because they feel respected and cared.

8. Being a coacher:
Good managers are also coachers in nature – They never shun away in sharing knowledge and experience within and across teams so as to put forward a collective effort in achieving the common goals.

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