Friday, February 15, 2013

Change Management - What does it track?

Change Management- What change does it track?
As you all probably know, ITIL talks about three types of change request or change order – normal, standard and emergency changes. The ITIL Change Management process embraces a long range of workflow typically comprised of drafting and registering/ recording the Change Request (usually known as RFC), reviewing the change, assessing the risk and impact of proposed change, its approval cycles with change authorization, planning, coordinating and implementing the change, communicating /reporting the stake-holders, performing the post-implementation review and, finally, closing of the RFC. The Change Advisory Board (CAB) plays the important role in ITIL model as the nodal authorization body, which examines the change proposals, approves and authorizes the change. For emergency change, ITIL v3 recommends Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB), a slimmer authorization body for quick emergency assessment and decision.

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