Thursday, November 1, 2012

Windows 8 - Keeping a History on Files

One of the best feature in Windows 8 is File History. It’s an automatic update service that  can back up information to a second drive and also lets you selectively restore data. First, however, you have to open and access it.
To do this, search for File history in the  settings search. Open it, and then click the Turn On button.
File History handles the rest.

If the drive you want to back up to is not selected you can change drives by clicking the “Select a drive” link on the left. You also can restore files by clicking the “Restore personal files” link.

Access system functions with an old-fashioned hotkey

Though Windows 8 tosses out the old Start button, it does add another menu that can be of use. The menu doesn’t have a particular name, but it’s accessed using the Win + X hotkey and it appears where Start used to be (the lower left hand side).

From this menu it’s possible to access a number of utilities like Control Panel, Task Manager, and the Device Manager. It’s an old-fashioned menu that uses a gray background with black text but it will appear in either the desktop environment or the new Windows 8 UI.