Thursday, October 11, 2012

Windows 8 - Open Media Files in Desktop Applications

By default, images, music, and video files you open in Windows 8 will be shown or played in the metro-style apps, which may be a nuisance when you're working in the desktop interface. However, you can always launch them to a traditional program within the desktop interface by right-clicking (or touching and holding) on the media file, selecting Open with, and choosing the desired application.

If you don't want the metro-style apps to be the default when opening media files you can change that as well. An easy way to change the defaults for many the media types at once is by using the Set Default Programs utility:

1.       Open the Start screen.
2.       Type “default” and it will start searching.
3.       Open the Default Programs shortcut in the results.

Searching for and opening the Default Programs utility.

4.       Select Set your default programs.
5.       Select the program with the desired associated file types, like Windows Media Player for audio and videos or Windows Photo Viewer for images.
6.       Select Set this program as default.

Selecting a program to set it as the default for all the file types it can open.

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