Thursday, October 11, 2012

Windows 8 - Boot to Desktop Instead of Metro Interface

In Windows 8 you're taken to the new metro-style Start screen after you logon.

The new Start screen has live titles, like on Windows Phones, serving as a shortcut to the app and showing updates and other app info.

But if you prefer, you can bypass this new interface and have the good ol' desktp show when you get on. Though Microsoft doesn't give you a quick setting or option for this, you can utilize the Task Scheduler feature of Windows to start Explorer (the desktop interface) at logon. Here's how:

1.       Go to the Start screen.
2.       Type “schedule” and it will start searching and then select the Settings option on the right, under the search field.
3.       Open the Schedule Task shortcut in the results.

Searching for and opening the Task Scheduler.

4.       Select Task Scheduler Library on the left, open the Action menu from the toolbar, and select Create Task.
5.       For the Name, type something like “Show Desktop at Logon”
6.       Choose the Tiggers tab, select New, on the top select “At log on”, and hit OK.
7.       Choose the Actions tab, select New, for the Program/Script value enter “explorer”, and hit OK.Setting Windows Explorer (the desktop) to show at startup.

8.       If you're on a laptop, choose the Conditions tab and under the Power options, uncheck “Start the task only if the computer is on AC power”
9.       Hit OK to save the new task.

To test it, open the Start screen, select your account name in the upper right, and select Sign out. When you logon again you should be taken to the familiar desktop where you'll also find a Windows Explorer window opened to your Libraries.

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